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Basic Services

Sand change

 Low pressure? On average, sand should be replaced every 3-5 years. This may be longer, if the pool stays clear, or shorter if the filter runs all the time. The jagged edges of the sand wear down and become smooth as the sand ages. Believe you might be due for a sand change? We are happy to help!


Slow Leak? Fast Leak? Unsure of where the leak is? Our highly skilled service technicians are happy to help! From finding the leak to repairing it! 

In Ground Pools

Bring the luxury of a poolside holiday to your very own backyard with a custom built, inground pool, made to measure for your property and your needs.

We know that your pool is a long-term commitment, so we prioritize not only timeless aesthetics, but utilize materials that really last, and make maintenance of your pool as easy as possible.

Your pool will be designed with your individual taste and requirements in mind.

Fill in/ tear out

Decide pool life isn't for you? Trust us we hate to see it go as much as you do! We offer fill in/tear out services so your backyard can always be the oasis of your dreams! 


We will measure the pool for a custom fit liner, drain the pool, remove the current liner and dispose of it. Then replace it with the liner of your dreams!


Pump making noises? Leak in your pool? Chlorinator not generating chlorine? Don't sweat it! Our skilled service technicians are happy to help! From changing your sand to repairing your system we have you covered.

In store services

Green water? Cloudy Pool? Unsure of your water levels? Low on stock? No worries, we carry a wide Varity of pool chemicals and supplies in store! We also offer free water testing for your convince! 

Pool cleaning and water balancing

We now offer pool cleaning services on a weekly or bi-weekly bases to fit your needs.  This service includes vacuuming the pool, brushing the walls, skimming the water, wiping down all surfaces,  checking your chemical levels and adding needed chemicals.  


Whether you choose to purchase a safety cover or a water bag cover we will have you covered! We measure your pool for a custom fit, and install the cover!

Pool Opening/Closing

Ready to open your pool? We can help! We remove your cover, unplug the lines, and start your pump! With closing your pool, we blow out your lines, winterize and cap them, cover the skimmer and install your cover! 

Convert/upgrade salt system

Looking to add a salt system, tanning ledge, slide, or just overall upgrade your system? Let Mathews Pool help you make your backyard oasis the best it can be!!!

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