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Meet The Mathews


Owner since 1972. Doug and his father Lester began this business with a kit and a backyard. Doug purchased a kit to build a backyard gathering place for his own family and friends. Once his neighbors experienced the area, they requested his help with their own pools. With the help of his wife Sheila, who worked as the store manager for over 30 years, Doug turned the trade into a business. Now 50 years later his experience and knowledge has been handed down generation after generation to not only instill the value of keeping family close, but also to ensure quality work that you can put your name on.


This is the son of Doug Mathews, a Bradley County Fire Captain, and your go to for all things pool related. Stoney grew up in the business, so he has the answer to all your inquiries. If you are looking to install a beautiful pool in your own backyard, he will assist with the layout that best suits your needs. Whether you are looking to build a new pool, change your liner, better your water, or upgrade your area, Stoney will assist you with a smile and knowledge that can only come from a lifetime of experience.

Gage Mathews

When he is not saving lives, he is saving pools. Gage works for the Chattanooga Fire Department. On his days off he is a Service Manager at Mathews Pool. Being the grandson of Doug Mathews, Gage grew up in the business. He started out riding in the truck with his grandfather learning

the trade. Building on that knowledge, he has trained in new systems keeping an up-to-date database of skills. 

howard MATHEWS

After spending years at Bendix, Howard came to Mathews Pool to work at his brother's side. Howard is on the job to ensure the installation or repair of your pool is the best of the best. He has been doing this for 45 years and though he claims to retire often; he loves what he does and may never fully walk away from it.



The nephew of Doug Mathews is here to put in the dirty work to make your backyard Oasis the best it can be. Charlie has been in the business for 20 years. He leads the team in performing

the necessary work to install or repair your pool.

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